About us

Urbane, precious and casual.

Handmade in the most obsessive tradition of Italian craftsmanship, HEROES shoes are an audacious combination of elegance and attitude. Sensational shoes that express a new spirit… the supreme lifestyle of our customers and friends, our Heroes. Design whose purity and exclusive materials express aestheticism and beauty. A style imbued with international influences – fresh, unexpected and new. Unique for the Hero in you.

We at HEROES have made it our mission not only to produce the highest quality footwear, but to convey a lifestyle and empower our community. Our designs reveal beauty in all their diversity, embodying grace and sensuality, style and a discreet attention to detail. HEROES make an extraordinary statement without trying to be loud.

HEROES shoes are an attitude.

HEROES inspire the imagination and collection ideas from the experience of the team of experts, mainly lead by HEROES founder Joachim Swensson supported by HEROES CEO Alexander Köth. Based on the in-depth knowledge of the luxury market for consumer goods of the whole team, visionary and globetrotter Joachim Swensson fine-tuned for decades his feeling for exclusivity and demand to make luxury brands desirable and valuable. HEROES has made it our mission to our customers to beautify them without imposing HEROES on them. HEROES reveals beauty in all its diversity as discreet ambassador of grace and sensuality, of style, understatement and discreet attention to detail.

HEROES are not born – they are made.

The HEROES team is a group of specialists and enthusiasts. Each of them in his own field - design, marketing, production, procurement, logistics, operations - an absolute specialist united by the effort to create something extraordinary for the customer.